Lou has over 20 years of investment experience with Wall Street financial products. His experience includes trading and investment management, with specialities in global currencies, commodities and equities.

He has actively traded for 12 years out of the 20 years and has experienced numerous bull and bear markets. These include but are not limited to the dot com bust of the 1990’s, 2008 market crash and the flash crash of 2010. These major market events helped shape his hallmark contrarian approach to trading, which is defined around price action and momentum.

Specifically, he ran a Global Currency book from 2005-2008 throughout the market crash by trading a sector based correlation strategy at a top-tier asset management company. In years to follow he transitioned to an Analyst role in the Alternative Investments branch at one of the top 5 ranking global investment banks in the world. His responsibilities included the settlement oversight of ETF’s, Global Currency and Hedgefunds.