“A Smarter Way to Look at Investing.”

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Stock Alerts

At eZwallStTrades we do not only let you know when to enter a trade, we also provide you with stop losses and exit alerts as well. At the very minimum our alerts can be used as a watch-list you can use to forecast near term trade candidates which will aid you in flawless position entries.

As you are already aware that finding the next explosive stock is not easy, but finding stocks with breakout potential or at least some profit potential are everywhere. Our methods for finding stocks ready to move include chart patterns, candlestick patterns, trend-line breaks and indicator levels which when combined display the perfect symmetry for our stock selections.

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Portfolio Management

Our company does not predict stock movement, nor do we gamble on news plays; our trading approach is strictly technical analysis driven.

Although, consistently predicting the winners and losers in trading and investing is nearly impossible to do, we have been able to corner our near stealth entries and place stop losses that keep your risk low while not getting stopped out which allows you more upside potential.

Our portfolio management oversight seeks to minimize risk while maximizing returns on your trading investments. We attempt to manage your portfolio holdings by monitoring the stocks we have alerted you on continuously after your entry to ensure you take profits accordingly before they dwindle and eventually go against you.

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Trade Results

eZwallStTrades keeps transparency a focal priority by providing detailed trade records of all fully executed positions that also include headers such as the order size, entry and exit price and specification of whether the order was a buy or sell.

The displayed data posted are direct submissions and verifications from our traders. Unlike others in the market we post all trade gains and yes losses too. Rest assured that our track record is and will remain to be manipulation free.

As with any business there will be losses; however, through strict risk management protocols we strive to ascertain our clients that downsides are minimal when compared to their uncapped upside potential we seek to capture.